T-Mobile Getting the Real Picture on Network Coverage



T-Mobile has discovered that when it comes to logging network coverage, who better than your customers to fill you in on the real deal? It’s the first carrier to unveil a “ Next-Gen Network Map” to show real-world network information.

They believe it’s a big improvement over the more commonly used predictive coverage estimations because this data is based on the actual experience of real customers. According to the FierceWireless article, T-Mobile’s new map shows near real-time customer experiences on its networks based on more than 200 million actual customer usage data points that will be collected every single day. (Data will be updated twice a month).

Customers can do their own homework by zooming in on areas as small as 100 square meters to check out their coverage level for LTE, HSPA+ or EDGE.

We love the fact that TMO is crowdsourcing insights into their cellular coverage, especially since those numbers will include customers who are leveraging Cel-Fi in the home. And with that, the coverage numbers may turn out better than they think.

How useful would a crowd-sourced network coverage map be to you?

By Werner Sievers, CEO


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