The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Solving Cellular Coverage Issues

Cell phones have become an indispensable part of society, offering all the conveniences of having computing power in the palm of our hands. Yet, the problem of connecting these devices to cellular networks remains a universal issue for carriers, integrators, businesses, and individual subscribers alike.

Nextivity’s robust line-up of Cel-Fi cellular coverage solutions delivers connectivity for practically every location, situation, or use case. From an apartment building, office complex, hospital, or warehouse to a construction site, restaurant, remote farm, or private home deep in the city – Cel-Fi offers the most advanced carrier grade technology for improving cellular coverage.

This Buyer’s Guide has everything you need to know about solving cellular coverage issues:

  • An overview of the challenges of cellular connectivity
  • What cell phone bars really say about cellular reception
  • Types of cellular coverage solutions, along with pros and cons
  • Deep dive into Cel-Fi products for each market segment

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