Cel-Fi QUATRA Offline Tool

Step-by-Step Instructions


The Cel-Fi QUATRA Offline Tool was developed for when it’s not possible to open a LAN connection between a QUATRA Network Unit (the NU) and the WAVE Portal. While complete provisioning and optimization using the WAVE Portal is preferred, we recognize that this is not always possible.

Note: Many features in the WAVE Portal are not available when using the Cel-Fi QUATRA Offline Tool. These include Commissioning, Antenna Pointing, Operator Configuration, feature setting such as “disable software updates” and access to key performance data used in optimization.


  1. Cel-Fi QUATRA Offline Tool software
  2. Specially configured TP-Link Router
  3. CAT5 LAN Cable
  4. Laptop (user equipment)
  5. QUATRA NU & CU’s with LAN cables (user equipment)

Step 1: Setup the QUATRA Offline Tool

Internet access is recommended once prior to doing a Software Update on the QUATRA System. Syncing with the Cloud is important to make sure all the latest Software Versions are downloaded to your laptop. After Step 1 is completed, the tool can work completely offline.

1.1. To get started, download the application.

Version 2.6
Windows 64-bit

1.2. Un-zip the download and run QuatraOfflineTool.exe.

1.3. Press the “Cloud Download” button to get the latest Software Versions downloaded to your local machine.

1.5. Wait until you see “Cloud download completed successfully”. It may take up to 5 minutes to download.

1.6. Close the QUATRA Offline Tool.

Step 2: Hardware Connection

2.1. Connect the TP-Link Router to your PC Ethernet Port using a LAN cable. You can connect the router to any of the ORANGE ports. Power up the TP-Link Router.

2.2. Connect the TP-Link Router to the QUATRA NU (that needs the software upgrade) with a LAN cable. Any one of the ORANGE ports can be used on the TP-Link Router and the LAN or LAN OUT port on the NU. Remember to plug in the QUATRA NU power supply too.

2.3. Connect the QUATRA CUs (that need software upgrade) LAN port to the NU CUx ports.

Step 3: Upgrade the Cel-Fi QUATRA

3.1. Run the QUATRA Offline Tool again. Click on the “Find Unit” button to let the tool detect the NU and CU’s. It may take a few minutes.

3.2. Click the “Upload Unit” button to start the NU/CUs software upgrade.

3.3. A confirmation dialog will display the number of CU’s detected by the tool. Click the “Yes” button to confirm the start of the software upgrade.

3.4. The software upgrade will take an estimated 15 minutes to complete. Wait until “Entire upload process complete” is displayed. This shows that the NU and CU’s were upgraded successfully.

[Optional] 3.5. You can now change the NU and CU’s antenna configuration. Select from each pull down menu and you will get a confirmation message for each selection.

Congratulations, you have successful performed the software upgrade for the NU and CU’s. If you have any issues, please contact our support team.